Our vision is the creation of an environment and a culture of justice and fairness in which everyone has a voice, everyone is heard and everyone is understood; a place where everyone can contribute to, and benefit from, a vibrant and diverse community.


We seek to build strong and positive relationships between people of different backgrounds and work towards a shared vision of equity and social inclusion.

We provide a fully inclusive outward looking environment within which we offer structured services to vulnerable adults as a response to social isolation and loneliness and to the extension of independent living.


Neighbourly Care works with Ealing's minority community groups providing pathways into Ealing's many diverse communities, offering services and support to socially isolated and lonely older people. We have been providing our services since 1983 and our philosophy and practice has underpinned a commitment to bring older people from all backgrounds together.


We support nearly 4,000 older users who derive from over 100 different countries of birth and speak over 40 different first languages.


As our population ages there are many "hidden" elders of  living in social isolation with little contact or support - and this is especially (although not exclusively) the case within minority communities where language and cultural differences can accentuate problems over access to support.

Our services include social and socialising activities, fitness classes, health promotion, health walks, mental health projects, support for carers - delivered from our 21 local neighbourhood centres across the borough (many are currently closed).


020 8566 4035

Neighbourly Care Centre

1 Bayham Road,

Ealing W13 0TQ


Open: Monday to Friday

10.00am - 4.00pm 


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1065772)

Company Limited by Guarantee (no.3455287)

Neighbourly Care Ltd Founded in 1983 

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